Letter: Thank you, Gypsum Creek Golf Club

I just wanted to send a big shoutout to the town of Gypsum and Blake and Christine at the Gypsum Creek Golf Club.

In this summer of no, or very limited, sporting events, the Gypsum Creek Golf Club has managed to garner one of the Colorado Golf Association’s premier senior tournaments, the Colorado Super-Senior Stroke Play Championship, which will take place August 11-12. For those of us who love the game (and, still play in tournaments), this is a wonderful coup for the Gypsum Creek Golf Club.  Since many of us are a little leery of traveling, having this event in our own backyard, is terrific — giving us “seniors” (64+ and Masters 70-over) an opportunity to compete against some of the best “age-group” players from around the state of Colorado.

Many thanks to Blake, Christine and all of the others who are making this possible.

Leon Fell


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