Letter: Thank you, Marka

In her long but too-short life, Marka Moser did a lot for this community.

She did a lot for us.

If there are things in Vail and its environs that you count on or enjoy, rest assured that Marka’s fingerprints are on at least some of them. Perhaps many or even most.

Rather than grabbing a bull by the horns, Marka chose a pasture-full to wrestle. If something needed to be done, instead of grousing, Marka rolled up her sleeves, grabbed a shovel and dug in. If it takes a village, Marka was a chieftain. Without her tireless efforts, this would not be the Vail Valley that we know.

Along the way, Marka made a thousand friends and, if not exactly friends, there were many, many others who respected her. If fortitude has a synonym, it may well be Marka Moser.

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Among a list too long to count of her volunteer commitments, Marka served on the board of the Vail Valley Charitable Fund for more than 20 years, and for that, we are deeply and sincerely grateful. As in any group, board, or organization, there are “servers” and there are “Servers.” Rain, shine, powder day, in sickness or in health, Marka rarely missed a meeting. And rarely missed a chance to speak her mind. When there was work to be done, she did it. It is hard to remember a VVCF event where Marka did not volunteer.

Founded in 1996, the Vail Valley Charitable Fund exists to support locals in need, to provide financial assistance to those suffering from a medical crisis or long-term illness. Our mission was right up Marka’s philanthropic alley. As we come to the end of another year and join in mourning Marka’s passing and in celebrating her well-lived life, we are nudging up on $10 million in aid we have afforded, granting a hand up to more than 2,000 local families in their times of need.

Especially in the early years, we could not have thrived and grown without Marka, without her tireless advocacy and deep connections. Marka’s polestar was to lift up the community that she helped build. Her mantra was to do.

When owing to declining health, Marka stepped down from the board, we knew — and told her — she would be missed. And though she had done her share and more, I am sure that she missed us too because putting her nose to the grindstone of helping others was what Marka Moser was all about.

Well done, Marka. Thank you.

On behalf of the VVCF board and executive and those who were fortunate enough to call you a friend, may you rest contentedly in peace.

Rohn K. Robbins
Founder/Chair, Vail Valley Charitable Fund

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