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Letter: Thank you, town of Vail

I would like too express my heartfelt thank you to the town of Vail or to whoever decided and took the initiative to fill our Bighorn Park pond up with precious water. This has been a very devastating summer with the drought and wildfires. We never got the monsoonal rains this summer that we’ve always been fortunate to have. It would have been a perfect summer to have had lawn seats at the Bravo Music festival. There is a tremendous price to pay for no rain.

I’ve never seen it so dry in all my years here in Vail. Our pond in East Vail was shrinking every day. The water quality was severely compromised and becoming stagnant with no freshwater flowing into the pond. I’m sure that this was affecting the fish and beaver family who live in the pond. Then during an evening stroll around the pond, a miracle appeared. I noticed that the water level was almost back to normal.  

I’m talking more than 2 feet here. The shoreline is now back to where it usually rests. Life is good. Our pond has been restored to its previous healthy self, thanks to the town of Vail and to the people with conservation in mind. We all have to be the voice of the voiceless regarding nature and the wildlife that share this beautiful valley. Thank you once again to the town of Vail! Great job!

Ingrid Seade


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