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Letter: Thank your pet health care team too

I would like to take this opportunity to thank those in the valley who work in the pet health care field.  You have sucked it up, worked hard and difficult hours and helped keep all of our pets healthy. No one put up a yard sign for you. You came to work, got sick and coughed, were sent home, and got tested and we all worried. And you did not complain. You dealt with the public daily when we all wanted to be home hunkered down. And no one complained. And some of your hours got cut and some of you are at home taking care of kids and sick family. And again, not complaining. And coming to work with smiles (maybe because we tell a lot of bad jokes). You are all rock stars.

Animal hospitals were deemed essential businesses early on in Eagle County.  This is important as keeping pets healthy and disease-free is tantamount to keeping people healthy and disease-free. Like human hospitals and doctor’s offices, veterinarians were asked to do sick care only and not allow anyone in the building.

No one could have had a better right-hand woman in this pandemic than we had at our hospital with our head nurse and manger, Caroline. Detail and protocol-oriented to the point of loveable annoyance, she coordinated a downvalley animal hospital hotline and communication effort. We all needed to be on the same page. I am proud of the teamwork shown by all animal health care workers in Eagle County. We’ve always been fortunate to have a plethora of qualified veterinarians and staff here. 

During the last month, the valley’s veterinarians and their staff have cooperated and showed consistency in protocols to ensure the health of their staff, public, and pets. And did so selflessly in the face of distressing uncertainty. 

As animal hospitals reopen to more routine procedures like wellness visits, immunizations and elective procedures, we thank you for your patience. It can be a bit of a two-word phrase that stars with cluster.  Animal hospitals, like all other businesses, are still doing curbside business. Our staffs are overworked and we are struggling to balance staffing needs with sick employees and those out taking care of kids and parents etc. We are exhausted but happy to be working and consider ourselves very fortunate. 

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Once again, I wanted to extend my thanks to my staff, all of Eagle County’s pet health care team, and to you for your support and understanding during these trying, difficult times. So, if you see you these four-legged caregivers, give ’em a shout out of love. From 6 feet away, and through your mask of course. 

Steve Sheldon, DVM


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