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Letter: Thankful for Avon City Market pharmacist

I am writing to invite everyone to stop by Avon City Market and introduce yourself to Kedar Gurjar, the pharmacist. I had two vaccinations administered by him recently and I was extremely impressed with his fantastic technique. It didn’t hurt at all! As we chatted I also noticed his calm demeanor and pleasant personality. When I told my wife, Katie, about it she stopped by to let him know how impressed I was and to ask his name, something I failed to do. He told her that he had just moved here from the big city and how excited he is to be part of a community like ours. It was a reminder of how back in the ’70s, when I first moved here, everyone knew everyone by their name, and how important that is for any community of like minded people. In a time of increasing isolation and lack of human connection, I encourage everyone who reads this to make the effort to greet everyone that works the front lines in our wonderful valley, from the grocery store to the post office, by their name. I am looking forward to my next vaccination that will allow me to shake everyone’s hand without fear, especially Kedar’s.

Philip Horsman


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