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Letter: Thanks, but no thanks

To my Eagle County Planning Commission and county commissioners, who approved Vail Health’s Edwards Community Health Campus, with virtually no conditions (who needs those minor inconveniences like setbacks, height and maximum square footage restrictions, this is progress!).  

To my fellow county residents who claimed at the county meetings that they would be happy and proud to live next to such an important facility.  

 I invite you all to come down to my neighborhood, Old Edwards Estates (I like to think of my neighborhood as the sacrificial lamb on the altar of mental and behavioral health) and check out the opening move of the construction phase. Makes me think of early Soviet Russian architecture, kind of like the gulag.

To my “dear neighbors” at Vail Health, thanks so much for bringing a piece of Denver to my neighborhood. Don’t know how I ever lived without it.

Tom “TC” “Crusty” Cerra

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