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Letter: Thanks for all the love and support

I really want to send out a heartfelt thank you to my Castle Peak Veterinary Service family for putting on a grand retirement bash for me, and to all who attended from near and far. I was so honored and overwhelmed by the turnout, love and memories from folks throughout my 35-year career in Eagle. I only wish I could have spent more time chatting with every single one of you.

This community has been such an amazing place, always quick and generous with love and support during hard times and ready to celebrate the good times. I am so fortunate that I chose Eagle to be the place to start and continue my career, make friends, get married and raise my kids, and retire. 

I want to thank Randy Wyrick and the Vail Daily for the sweet retirement article. I also want to thank Pam Boyd who, starting in 1985, highlighted the many phases of my life and career in numerous and entertaining newspaper articles. You always made me feel like a celebrity, even if I am just a little fish in a little pond!

Julie Alt


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