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Letter: Thanks for hiking with Wilderness Workshop

Thank you to the many community members who attended a hike with Wilderness Workshop during our 2019 hike series. For many of us, our love for the environment ­— ­for wildlife, plants, fungus, clean water and air, and concern for the climate — began in nature. Through the hike series, we hope that we can introduce new places, ideas, and ways of being outdoors to you and your family.

Western Colorado is special, not least of all because of its protected landscapes. That’s why, from June to late September, Wilderness Workshop guided 160 people on trails into the areas we are working to protect! We hosted six bilingual hikes with our Defiende Nuestra Tierra Program. We offered the classic hikes, like our Hay Park Full Moon, and some new hikes, like Forest Bathing on the Lost Man trail, and with five journeys into the Thompson Divide, we built a strong base of local support for the Colorado Outdoor Recreation and Economy Act. I hope your experience on a Wilderness Workshop hike was inspiring and memorable. See you on the trail again soon!

Brandon Jones


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