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Letter: Thanks for some great Barstool Racing

The fourth annual Barstool Racing extravaganza is over. The tents are folded, the wounds have been bandaged, the awards awarded, and the apres-stool party has been recovered from.

Without the teams there would be no event. So, thanks for the memories to all of you!! 

The Minturn Community Fund Board is excited with the new venue (long, steeper, and more dangerous! … er … exciting!) and wishes to express its sincere appreciation for our sponsors and volunteers that put in the hard work to pull off another successful event.

Thank you!

To the Town of Minturn (Cindy Krieg) and the Minturn Public Works Department (Arnold Martinez, Michael Martinez, Isaiah Martinez, and Micah Munguia). Their talent and efforts assured a successful outcome.

To our Premiere Sponsor, the Vail Brewing Co., for their kind support and to The Saloon in Minturn for sponsoring and hosting our apres-stool party.

To Ski and Snowboard Club Vail and Dan Weiland for providing us with their Snowcat and expertise for a day which gave us a next-level race course. And to Cody and Weston Snowboards for providing the trailer to haul the Snowcat back and forth.

To Jeff Armistead for providing his artistic talents for our best poster yet (we will be extending the sale on our website soon for $15 plus shipping).

To Rob Stookey, event photographer, who risked life and limb to assure we had the highest-quality documentation of how much fun we all had. 

To Kelly Toon, the visionary of our new course venue, who worked the course for days after the Snowcat did its thing to keep the course manageable after the crazy snowfall.

To the race-day course crew who was presented with 8 to 10 inches of fresh snow that had to be worked back into shape by shovel, rake and sidestepping. Kelly Toon, Cody and Casey Wyse, Allen Dunaj, Terry Armistead, Theresa Anders (also a start line official), Morgan Landers (also the parking guru), Sue Romero, and the rest of the other folks that showed up and grabbed a shovel and helped us. You are appreciated, though I didn’t get your name in here.

To our race officials, the illustrious Jane Rohr, the aforementioned Theresa, our fearless leader and resident fire-putter-outer Diana Scherr and scorekeeper AnneMarie (MathNerd) Malone displayed true wizardry with the brackets.

And finally, to our valiant judges: Matt Scherr, John Widerman, and Jenny Lowe. Everyone was having such a good time we forgot to throw snowballs at you!

Till we meet again in our wondrous fields of snow.

The Minturn Community Fund Board

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