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Letter: Thanks for voting against Avon recall

Thank you to the Avon voters who chose to vote against the recall, keeping both Sarah Smith Hymes and Tamra Underwood as council members for the town. There is no doubt that the ability to institute a recall is important to protect against illegal activity, financial impropriety and mismanagement, and egregious behavior.

However, this recall was based on spurious grounds — more of a personality conflict than factual claims. This resulted in wasted money by the candidates and the town, taking taxpayer dollars to deal with false claims made by a vocal minority. Sarah and Tamra spent $5,500 and $5,900 respectively, out of their own pockets, to support themselves against the recall, and the town spent roughly $90,000. It is important to think about this and put an end to frivolous filings.

Avon continues to grow and adapt with an eye on increasing a sense of community, attracting business, supporting locals and offering visitors a welcoming environment. Let’s not get mired down in creating issues that don’t exist but rather work together to continue creating a community we can all be proud of.

Jennie Fancher, former Avon mayor and Town Council member

Rich Carroll, former Avon mayor and Town Council member

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