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Letter: Thanks from Eagle Mushroom and Wild Food Festival

On behalf of the organizing committee for the 10th Annual Eagle Mushroom and Wild Food Festival, we wish to thank our sponsors, speakers, volunteers, and committee members who helped to make this the largest, and most attended mushroom festival possible!

Firstly, thanks to the hard work and dedication of an amazing committee of six that spent countless hours organizing this event over the past year. Tom Boni, Joy Ariel, Mary Ann Morrison, Kristen Blizzard and Trent Blizzard are passionate about this festival’s purpose and mission. Now, with a living website, we will be able to spread mushroom love to all for years to come.

Secondly, thanks to the MEAC committee for helping us revive this unique Eagle event. Our prime sponsor was Sweet Leaf Pioneer who generously supported us.  

The Capitol Theater owned by Steve Lindstrom and managed by Karm Trygg graciously donated use of the entire venue Saturday morning for 10 presentations. These were professionally organized and executed by notable mycology experts from around the country. Thank you to Eugenia Bone, Larry Evans, Ken Kassenbrock, Katrina Blair, and our newest beloved presenter, Trent Blizzard.  

Thanks to the Zealous School for kindly donating their classroom kitchen for a demonstration cooking class. Thanks to Chef Ryan from Red Canyon Cafe for educating and providing savory tapas of wild mushrooms to a sold-out crowd.

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Wine pairing and sommelier for the meet and greet, sauté bar, cooking class, and grand dinner were generously provided by Beverly and her staff at Boone’s Wine and Spirits.

A shout goes out to all the awesome local volunteers that took folks out to the surrounding hills around Eagle and showed them where you find mushrooms, wild foods, and the beautiful place we get to call home. Thanks to our other group of amazing volunteers who donated their time and efforts for handling the logistics for presentations, assisting with registration, forays, and a multitude of tasks that were essential for our success.

Thanks to Yuri and Lonnie at the Boneyard (formerly the Dusty Boot) for giving us a central campus to provide our meet and greet on Friday night, sauté Bar, mushroom ID table, and the grand dinner on Saturday. Special thanks to Graham Steinruck, chef extraordinaire, for executing a nine-course meal of wild mushrooms to a sold-out crowd of 90 guests.

Thanks to Chris and the Grand Avenue Bar and Grill for hosting a delightful brunch on Sunday to close out the festival.   

Special thanks to the town of Eagle and Mary Ann Morrison at the Eagle Chamber whose financial and moral support were invaluable.

Thanks to the Eagle Ranch Association for their financial contribution and their support of the Eagle Ranch Village area.

We are most grateful for the merchants and people of Eagle who supported hosting the 10th Annual Mushroom and Wild Food Festival that was a huge success!

We wish you continued happiness and health in the wonderful world of mushrooms.

Eagle Mushroom and Wild Food Festival Committee

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