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Letter: Thanks, Gypsum Recreation Center

I just want to say: Kudos to the Gypsum Recreation Center and its staff for their steadfast, COVID-safe support during our collective past year of quarantines and isolation. Because of them I can make a reservation to swim laps and then shower and dress in a freshly-washed locker room. To reach the locker rooms, I walk past masked-children practicing gymnastics while their socially-distanced parents sit on the other side of the windows watching. Yoga classes go on. Pickleball courts are always busy with masked, distanced players. The gym equipment upstairs is always in use …clean and safe. The staff at the front desk now greet me by name along with their reliable smiles.

I live alone in Eagle and there have been so many times during this past year that their greeting was the only contact I had that day. I cannot thank you all enough. You’ve helped my well-being and that of so many others too. I suspect folks who go to the recreation center in Avon feel the same way.

Elizabeth Gauthier


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