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Letter: Thanks to Colorado Behavioral Task Force

On behalf of the staff at Mind Springs Health in Eagle County, I would like to thank the Colorado Behavioral Task Force for visiting Eagle County on Jan. 31. With a mission of evaluating and setting a roadmap to improving the current behavioral health system in Colorado, the task force listened to public testimony from individuals and organizations concerned about mental health issues for more than three hours. A wholehearted thank you to all the individuals from our community who bravely shared their experiences with the behavioral health system. 

There are a number of issues surrounding mental health that we must address as a state, including removing the stigma and increasing public education on behavioral health issues; timely access to affordable, quality care; providing wages to allow mental health care providers the ability to live in the communities in which they work; and reducing the administrative and bureaucratic hurdles that increase the barriers to individuals getting mental health assistance.

While the issues facing mental health care may seem daunting, it is not all bad news. In my tenure of working in behavioral health, I have never felt more optimism and excitement due to the movement taking place here in Eagle County. Through detailed analysis and comprehensive sharing of information, this community developed a clear picture of what we had going well and where our gaps existed. We, as a community, are working together to find tangible solutions to increase the opportunities to best serve those in need. The Mind Springs Health staff in Eagle and Vail are proud of Eagle County and the State of Colorado for the continued efforts to improve mental health awareness and affordable, quality care.

Chris Rieder

Eagle and Vail program director, Mind Springs Health

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