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Letter: Thanks to Minturn for preserving water rights

Water is a finite and increasingly valuable commodity. Once water rights are sold or given away they are under the control of the new owner who can then change what they want for the water. I admit ignorance to water laws, but can’t Minturn sell water it doesn’t need to the Battle Mountain developer and Eagle River Water & Sanitation District? The town could make some money when it doesn’t need the water and use the water in dry times.

If the Battle Mountain developer were told by Minturn that it needed until October to obtain all the information needed to make a decision, why did the developer demand a decision on Aug. 7? It was suggested at the meeting that there may be a hidden agenda and to try to force a decision with incomplete data would seem to support that.

Maybe ERWSD could run an interconnect at the railroad bed to Tigiwon for the developer?

The staff of Minturn and the town council worked hard on this matter. I think they were between a rock and a hard place in making this decision, but they listened to the residents of Minturn and preserved our water rights. Thank you very much for these efforts. I’m sure it’s not over with.

P.M. Ruder

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