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Letter: Thanks to Red Canyon High School

A group of Eagle County Vietnam veterans were invited to speak with students at Red Canyon High School (both campuses) this fall in Ms. Julia Richards’ history classes. They shared stories and impressions from their tours of duty in the Vietnam conflict and coming home afterwards.

These stories and memories are not always easy to share and the veterans are most appreciative of the attention, enthusiasm and the non-judgmental attitude of the students. The process is actually very healing and helpful for the veterans, even though sometimes difficult. The group is also very grateful for Ms. Richards, who facilitated the program and Mr. Dudley, the principal, who is most supportive. Mr. Dudley actually helped to start this biannual program many years ago.

And a big thanks to the veterans for the time and emotion spent on preparation and multiple presentations: Garrett Fonda, Butch Mazzuca, Kenton Krohlow, Gerald Dooher, Harve Latson, Dan Smith, Bill Welch and myself. We know that the lessons we shared with the students will help to build compassionate and civically minded adults.

With deep gratitude for our wonderful community,

Patricia Hammon

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Eagle County Veteran Service Officer

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