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Letter: Thanks to the amazing Vail Fire Department

We would like to thank and commend the Vail Fire Department and especially Vail fire station No. 3. We had a fire at our house several weeks ago and the fire department responded within five minutes. Due to their expertise and caring they were able to save the house from total destruction.

They even covered or moved our furniture out of harm’s way before they removed the ceiling to get to the inside of the roof above. All the damage was in only one area (except for smoke). They did an unbelievable job!

As great of a job as they did, the way that fire chief Mark Novak and fire marshal Mike Vaughan made me feel after what had happened was so compassionate and something that I will never forget. It is people like them that makes Vail such a wonderful place to live.

I hope none of you need them, but be rest assured that you have very talented people ready to be there for you in an emergency.

Thanks again to the Vail Fire Department and the Town of Vail.

Art and Judy Axelrod


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