Letter: Thanks to those who helped with pipe failure in Gypsum

I want to acknowledge the incredible team of 29 people who played essential roles in repairing a water distribution pipe failure on Valley Road in Gypsum on May 26. Within just 10 hours, from start to finish, they successfully restored services.

I extend my gratitude to the outstanding team at Hobbs Excavating & Trucking, including Cody Melzer, Conrad Sims, Fidel Gonzalez, Leo Esperonza, Mike Long, Rowdy Hobbs, Safe Satterfield, Stacey Hollis, Stewart Hobbs, Trace Hobbs, and Zak Cassett. I would also like to thank the dedicated and hardworking employees at the town of Gypsum, who handled a variety of tasks such as materials acquisition, equipment delivery, trucking, traffic control, infrastructure inspection, public communications and more. This includes Ben Gallegos, Brianne Accola, Chad Beran, Chris Johnson, Dan Curtain, Dave Proctor, Dustin Cooper, Francisco Moran, Fred Pena, Jeff Shreeve, Jerome Garvin, Jim Hancock, Lance Jensen, Melvin Valdez, Robert Salazar, Scott Morrow, Sean Matheson, and Taylor Slaugh.

This disruption to Gypsum’s water distribution system occurred late on May 25 when a power outage unexpectedly halted a pump, resulting in a sudden surge of pressure that caused a section of pipe to split.

In our modern world, it’s easy to overlook how reliable our infrastructure systems are until we go a few hours without them. It takes the hard work of many people across our country every day to make these systems work. Their work makes our lives safer, healthier, and much more convenient than they would otherwise be. We turn on the tap, out comes clean and safe drinking water. When we flush the toilet, our waste disappears. These seemingly ordinary conveniences are, in reality, the magic of human ingenuity, collaboration and teamwork on display.

Thanks everyone! I appreciate your hard work to maintain these vital services for our citizens.

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Jeremy Rietmann, Town Manager, Town of Gypsum 

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