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Letter: Thanks, Vail Public Library

I read with interest the letter about “The Mitten” book being shown in such a stellar way for so many to enjoy. Such a wonderful story. My granddaughter, Peyton, and I drove from Eagle to Bighorn Park during Spring Break to see this display.

My thanks to the Vail Public Library and the the town for giving us such a wonderful time in the outdoors. Peyton is in first grade and learning to read, so it was especially nice for her. As with everything that Vail does, it was very professional in appearance and nicely cared for.

We spent time in Moab this Spring and they also have a book walk set up for all to enjoy. I can tell you that I enjoyed reading about the environment of the desert as I walked along but it was nothing compared to the Vail library’s beautiful display.

My hats off to the team that put so much thought and effort into giving our valley something a little different to do in a time we really need it!

Sandy Bishop


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