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Letter: Thanks, Vail Ski Patrol

Our community and guests are so fortunate to have such a brave, hard-working and compassionate team of heroes on the Vail Ski Patrol. They don’t receive thanks and praise enough. I recently had a minor fall and heard a pop in my knee. As I contemplated my next move to get myself out of a gully in the Back Bowls, longtime patroller Brice May skied down.

I knew he’d give me no option but to take a sled out. Brice is a consummate professional and urged me not to push it, as locals sometimes try to tough out an injury and end up hurting themselves more. I’ve never had to be evacuated, and the experience was definitely disorienting and a little nerve-racking, but the swift action, friendliness and sheer muscle of Mike Floyd and Dan Trusty made for a smooth ride down the mountain.

Thanks to Brice, Mike, Dan, Emily Selonick for lending some reassuring words, and to the whole team of patrollers for keeping our mountain a safe place for everyone to enjoy. These everyday heroes will always have my utmost respect, as well as a seat at Kirby Cosmo’s! 

Emily Tamberino


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