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Letter: The Art of the Bad Deal

This is a rebuttal to Charlie Hauser’s letter in the Aug. 22 edition of the Vail Daily. The current president is only living up to “The Deal” (a bad one) the former president made with the Taliban (you can’t negotiate with terrorists). You might want to read for yourself about how the former president left the current president with little option but to honor “The Bad Deal” that he made with the terrorists, the Taliban.

I agree that it looks to use your word ”botched,” but President Biden was left with few options. The former president’s “Bad Deal” left Biden few options but to continue pulling out the last of our troops and honor “The Bad Deal.” It was “The Art of the Bad Deal with Terrorists” president that failed, with a very bad deal. Did he really think terrorists would honor their end of the deal? Talk about naive.

Leonard Bloom

Vail and Phoenix

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