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Letter: The audacity of Boebert

I can’t believe the audacity of Lauren Boebert in her recent Vail Daily commentary. While winning her congressional seat by a razor-thin margin of just 546 out of 752,000 votes, she gleefully spouts the disingenuous Republican misinformation regarding the infrastructure bill, government investigations, and her part in the McCarthy circus.   

Boebert was part of the minority that managed to obstruct the House speaker vote 15 times, yet feels her bloviating and obfuscating was the will of the voters. Her claim that “only” 10% of the infrastructure bill went to roads and bridges, and the rest went to “Solundra-style slush funds” is not only misinformation but belies the fact that infrastructure actually includes rail, transit, airports, cyber security power grids and more.

The single-subject rule she supports will fix everything? Or will endless debate on every subject clog up the system even more? Her simplistic views are evidence that her “education” is severely lacking. Her constant obstructionism is evident every time she sends out her ridiculous unsolicited emails to her constituents, further inflaming the uneducated (like herself).

She evidently believes her own simplistic musings, such as patting herself on the back for the CSPAN documented circus we all witnessed, as “transparent governance at its finest.” Really?

As for claiming Kevin McCarthy’s pandering to her minority will “fix” a “broken Congress,” it only weakens democracy, totally going against what the majority voted for. How can she be so obtuse? Any intelligent elected person would realize that half of her constituents voted against her, and would know that she needs to represent all in her district, not just the ones who voted for her.

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So glad I am no longer in her district but embarrassed that she is the best Colorado’s 3rd District could offer.

Deb Dreyfuss

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