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Letter: The Eagle County GOP is poised for change

What many in the political arena, on both sides, fail to realize is “We the People” are fed up with the status quo: Politics as usual. We have slowly but surely been robbed of freedoms, frightened to death, and the working class — the middle class consisting of small local businesses — have almost been driven to poverty. It is not business as usual.

In our last election, the Colorado GOP experienced a major upset in District 3. A grassroots woman with no political background or previous experience won the seat from an incumbent of 10 years. It was said, “It couldn’t happen.” “She didn’t have enough money.” “She was a nice girl, but now wasn’t the time.”

Like her or not — she won! And, what that 90-pound woman did for many of us was empowering. She helped us see we too can become active in our communities, our political communities, and bring much needed change for everyone — at least those who have an open mind. Therefore, I am seeking the Eagle County GOP Chair position in February.

My message and goal as the ECGOP Chair is simple. What we need, straight away, at our local level is transparency, energy, and diversity wrapped up in the American Vision. This is what that looks like:

Transparency: We need clear and simple bylaws aligning with the Colorado and National GOP. These bylaws should be easily available and accessible to all ECGOP Members. Meetings shall be held monthly for voters’ input and to convey ideas by the committees. Agendas, minutes, and financial reporting will be shared at all meetings.

Energy: We are in the 21st Century and we need 21st Century energy. I am willing to work to bring new initiatives and a team filled with energy to present educational programs, social events to include a Lincoln Dinner held in February, propositions, candidates, and rallies to support Constitutional candidates. With me, and a dedicated board at the helm, these events shall be planned; created; and executed in excellence with enthusiasm.

Diversity: Diversity is not just about ethnicity even though we have a large population of Hispanics who are not represented by the ECGOP. We also need all financial levels represented, as well as all ages and creeds who have conservative values.

Vision: What we all needed in 2020 was perfect vision to see and escape the pitfalls. Vision defined is: imagination, creativity, ingenuity, and originality. I can bring this. We can bring this. We can bring conservative values: limited government, personal choice, and the right to pursue happiness vetting and supporting candidates to represent all that we are and all that we desire to Be.

We the people. That is what government, at every level, should represent. I am poised — willing, ready, and able to help bring this overdue change to the Eagle County GOP.

For more information, go to http://www.PamelaforECGOPchair.

Pamela Chapman


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