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Letter: The FBI can’t be trusted with its internal investigations

As someone who has been around long enough to be eligible for Medicare, I can’t help but be overwhelmed by feelings of “How the hell did this happen?” and “What the heck is going on?”

How did the revered, sacrosanct Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) become the FBI — Frightfully Barren of Integrity? The latest outrage is that a senior member of Special Investigator Robert Mueller’s team, Peter Strzok, has been hastily jettisoned when a trove of anti-Donald Trump/pro Hillary Clinton texts exchanged with a colleague were exposed — so much for objectivity.

Strzok was present at the FBI “interview” of Hillary Clinton regarding her private email server. You remember that one? That was the “interview” conducted over the Fourth of July weekend, which was neither recorded, transcribed nor conducted under oath. Hmmm?

Outrageously, Strzok was also the individual who edited Comey’s remarks regarding Hillary’s handling of classified materials on her private server by changing “gross negligence” to “extreme carelessness.” Just coincidentally, the Federal Statute she violated contains the wording “gross negligence.” “Curiouser and curiouser,” mused Alice.

And let’s not forget that the FBI has refused to turn over to Congress any of its documents involving the secret tarmac meeting between Bill Clinton and Attorney General Loretta Lynch. Who are the FBI accountable to?

Most appalling is that the former Director, James Comey, has admitted leaking government documents to a news outlet. The “director,” not a “lowly agent” — the director himself! What possible integrity can we expect of the organization when the director behaves in such a manner?

Not to worry, though. That illegal and unethical behavior on Comey’s part has precipitated a special investigation. Of course, the special counsel is a former director of the FBI who Comey served as his assistant for years and the two are close friends. Geez, what could possibly go wrong in that scenario? Rest easy.

Lastly, email records have documented that the results of the FBI “investigation” and Comey’s exonerating conclusion were drafted/written before all the interviews were conducted. Does the expression “the fix is in” ring a bell?

You cannot make this stuff up — but it’s happening. God help us. The FBI can’t be trusted.

Tom Smith

Sarasota, Florida

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