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Letter: The housing story remains the same

It’s still the housing. During Vail’s first winter of 1962-63, my wife and I moved 11 times. I know from experience how difficult it is to be constantly on the move and holding a job at the same time.

In the very informative town of Vail 2018 Year in Review, page 4 lists housing as the top priority of the community. The council decided it was more important to be en vogue and increase sales tax revenues by permitting VRBO in residential neighborhoods in clear violation of zoning. When Council Member Kim Langmaid suggested there should be limits on short-term rentals, Craig Moffet countered that the trend to revert to long-term rentals has already started. What data led him to this conclusion is beyond me. Many communities do not allow VRBO and Airbnb at all, and they have good reasons.

If residential owners elect to go into the hotel business in residential neighborhoods, their properties should be taxed as commercial properties. The entire issue should be revisited at the earliest opportunity using actual data mixed with a little common sense. Maybe while we’re at it, we can figure out that a community is made up of the people living in it, not just the amount of sales tax revenue it produces.    

Josef Staufer


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