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Letter: The hypocrisy of East Vail development critics

As a former East Vail resident, I’ve been reading with interest the arguments for and against the proposed housing.

Are you a long-term Vail resident who has profited off the growth and development of Vail and are against the proposed housing plan? Did you enjoy more than a few great runs last year in Blue Sky Basin? Then you are a hypocrite.

Remember Category III and the lynx? Probably slipped your mind while you were out in Pete’s last year skiing pow.

Worse than hypocrisy, it is a fabrication of a crisis from those that have. It’s no coincidence that VR’s shift on employee housing coincides with the reduction in H2B visas. It was mighty nice of them to admit they dropped the ball on housing while making stacks of cash, but I digress.
This is about the rise of a political entity, the new Vail NIMBY Sheeps party.

All wildlife, not just the bighorn herd, has been already incredibly impacted. Insane uncontrolled growth of the Front Range has led to increased pressure on all mountain towns. Increased traffic on I-70 and pressure on the local trails all have combined to displace wildlife to the Nth Degree. Throw in the Epic Pass volume-based skiing catering to red plates on the fire and you have what exists today.

Putting a sheep herd’s interest in front of housing for people is a non-starter. The ship has sailed on the development of the valley. Like it or not, the sheep will move, just like the myriad of wildlife that already has that isn’t being discussed or used as an anti-housing slogan.

You, long-term successful Vail resident, drank the VR Kool-Aid to live in the valley and make money. Now you need to live its incarnation in all its forms, even if that means more folks in your neighborhood.

Be honest. Your sudden rise of passionate interest to protect the sheep is a wholesome way to package NIMBY. If a $32 million mansion was being built on this site, there would be very little outcry. It’s the specter of employee housing that is the real issue.

I understand capitalism and the law of supply and demand. I believe in humanity and the right of working people to have a place to live.

Lock the doors, long-term Vail residents — the masses aren’t coming, they are already in Vail. Get over yourselves.

Martin Schmidt

Big Sky, Montana

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