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Letter: The kindness of a stranger

A beautiful, random act of kindness happened to me today. I ran to the Eagle grocery store to grab and drop off snacks for the eighth grade football team (congrats Eagle Valley Middle School Pirates on their championship win!). Finished up self-checkout, only to realize my credit card wasn’t in my phone. Dang it! At this point, I begin asking the cashier to cancel the transaction so I can go home and come back.

That’s when an incredibly kind man simply offers to pay for my $16 in groceries. I was so stunned and grateful, I didn’t even ask his name. Complete and utter acts of pure kindness are out there. I was incredibly fortunate to have benefited from that today, and my entire spirit has been lifted by the simple gesture.

To the kind man in the self-checkout at Eagle City Market on Oct. 7 around 4 p.m., thank you. Sincerely. Your gesture reminded me that our community is here to help in small ways and large, without asking for a single thing in return.

Aspen Kron


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