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Letter: The liar in chief

After 16,241 lies or misleading statements spewed by the current president of the U.S., according to the Washington Post’s fact checker, I’m still in shock that President Trump can be excused and free to lie some more and invite Russia or whoever he wants to interfere in our election this year. You bet I’m angry and frustrated at the Senate of the United States. What just happened in the Senate was a “Senate gathering,” not a Senate impeachment trial, as there were no witnesses or documents to verify all the wrongdoings and lies of this president. This was a sham trial and tragedy for American democracy.

The House of Representatives is called “the people’s house” for a reason. Its members represent the people of the United States. The people wanted witnesses and documents, according to a Quinnipiac University poll, which found that 75% of registered voters say witnesses should be allowed to testify — information that was ignored by the Republicans. Trump will be remembered as the most corrupt president in American history.  History will not look kindly on the senators. Their obituary will read “spineless” and they will be stuck with this vote forever. People will remember the hypocrisy of these senators and all the negative comments they made about this president when they were running for the office a few years ago. 

The truth’ will continue to drip out each day. Trump’s tax returns and financial dealings are under investigation for several years now, as well as the abuses to the emoluments clause. We are now living under a king and have lost our democracy. I pray we can get it back with the election in November. I believe America will come to its senses and will want to uphold the U.S. Constitution and principles of democracy that our country was founded upon. God help us and God bless America!

Linda Carr


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