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Letter: The new slavery

Today one of the hot topics of the day is “retribution” for slavery. Slavery is so despised that this country fought a war over it. This is not a history lesson but a look at the reality of today.

Many are asserting there is a humanitarian crisis on our southern border and they are correct. To all who espouse the inhumane treatment of illegal and undocumented persons crossing over the border into this country, what I want to understand is how so many show no concern, no outrage and are appallingly silent on the buying and selling of young children, boys and girls, to the cartels who sell them then to other monstrous humans.  This practice is called sex trafficking. Sounds so much nicer than slavery. 

Imagine the horror these young children face each day. They are no longer a child.  That has been stolen from them. They are no longer treated or looked at like a child of God but no more than a piece of flesh to be raped and abused in horrific ways. Think of this happening to your son or daughter.  The age of innocence gone, no joy, no happiness, no love, no nurturing mom or dad, just bondage.

It’s always about “the children,” but not when it comes to the slavery of these children. Yes, over a hundred years ago this country found slavery appalling and I pray that everyone who reads this will talk about it, phone their congressional representatives, the White House and demand the end once and for all in this country to slavery, no matter what form it takes. 

Madeline Moos


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