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Letter: The power of stories

Let’s face the facts. We live in difficult, uncertain times. Each new headline brings depths of doom and/or gloom we didn’t know were possible. It seems every imaginable issue has become entrenched with finger-pointing and verbal grenade tossing. Back and forth and back and forth until the only thing that’s made progress is our blood pressure. This begs the question: Is there a different way? While I cannot provide absolute assurances in such human affairs I have one suggestion: that we return to our ancestral roots of storytelling.

There is much one could say about the power of stories. Human history is full of moral lessons and cultural expressions that have been passed down for centuries all across the globe. Everything from cave paintings to folktales to the Marvel cinematic universe, these stories are about our relationships with each other and with our world. They are how we share our hopes, our fears, what we love, and who we are. Stories allow us to erode the shallow caricatures we have of one another and connect with our shared experiences as human beings.

I believe that if we connect people to policy through the power of stories, we may just begin to see a better world. Join us at vistaeagleco.com to share your story.

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Colton Berck

Community Engagement Coordinator, Eagle County

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