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Letter: The problem with Tara Reade

Neither Claire Noble, nor I, for that matter, know the truth behind Tara Reade’s allegation that Joe Biden sexually assaulted Ms. Reade when she worked for then-Sen. Biden in the early 1990s.

What I do know, for a fact, is that neither Justice Kavanaugh nor President Trump has the slightest thing to do with the validity of Reade’s claim against the Democrats’ likely presidential nominee. Yet, Claire Noble introduces both of these men into her judgment of Reade’s allegation and Biden’s defense as if the Kavanaugh/Trump situations somehow exonerate Biden. Even more deserving of disbelief is her speculation that Reade might be “a Russian orchestrated attempt to take out Biden.” I fear Noble has been listening to too much of Adam Schiff.

To demean Reade’s veracity, Noble asserts that she has spoken favorably of Vladimir Putin and, purportedly, “has a history of financial difficulties.” Neither of these accusations remotely foreclose the possibility that Tara Reade was, indeed, grossly assaulted by Joe Biden. They are offered, instead, merely to sully Reade’s reputation.

Claire Noble is free to believe Joe Biden, but there is nothing noble about her attack on Tara Reade’s character.

Gerald Katz

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