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Letter: The reason to celebrate at Christmas

In this time of restrictions and lockdowns which are depressing so many, we hope Christians and seekers of peace will recall the reason so many over the millenia have so joyously celebrated — the birth of Jesus. By coming to his creation, God the Son, announced good news to everyone. He told us that God was opening up the way to real life; life with the God we could now know by knowing his savior, Jesus Christ.

We no longer had to perform religious duties to be “saved,” but are called to enter into a relationship whereby we can call upon “Our Father in heaven.” We could know that he wants this news of the savior to be spread all over the world, as it nearly has been now. And we can know that when Jesus returns he will remove all the ills and evil of this world, restoring it back to its originally intended beautiful state in his “kingdom.”

All this and more that Jesus brought us is why people have celebrated with the most joyous music, evergreen trees, extra love and caring, as well as yes, a “saint” who brings presents to children.

Wishing you remember all that Jesus’ coming means, at this joyous time we call Christmas.

Doug and Lisa Currey


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