Letter: The right time for a Mountain Rec tax increase?

Voters in Eagle County rejected Mountain Recreation’s mill levy increase in November 2021. You should already have your mail-in ballot for Mountain Recreation Metropolitan District for the May 3 election date. What has changed and what has remained the same?

Yes, a sunset clause has been added that will end in 2042 or when the debt is paid, whichever comes first. The adjusted request has been reduced from $60 million to $40 million. For an approximate $1 million house, the yearly amount of Mountain Recreation taxes are currently $255 per year. That will jump to $472 per year under this increase.

An unknown dollar amount discount for in-district residents has been added, which will begin sometime in 2023. When all three facilities have complementary amenities, there will be one pass for all three facilities. When will it be available?

The dollars required for the improvements desired in the three towns are Edwards $19 million, Eagle $35 million and Gypsum $6 million for a total of $60 million. Colorado Mountain Recreation Center has been able to add $6.4 million already raised from community partners. The new mill levy will generate $40 million.

This is still a large amount of yearly taxes for everyone who owns in the Mountain Recreation Metropolitan District.

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With the expected increase on gasoline, food, property taxes and various other purchases, is this the time to raise the taxes for Colorado Mountain Metropolitan District?

Max Schmidt


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