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Letter: The same usual arguments against war

The Rev. Dr. Susan Thistlethwaite, in her latest opinion column, makes her usual arguments and arrives at her usual destination — it’s time to surrender to somebody/somewhere and “Orange Man Bad.” 

Her current iteration argues against war and uses Gen. Sherman’s statement that “war is hell” to support that position. I’d like to add to her thoughts with a statement attributed to Winston Churchill — something to the effect that while war is bad, losing a war is even worse.

A great rabbi once said that there will always be war or rumor of war.  Reverend, what does Day Two look like, the day after you’ve surrendered? And, if surrender isn’t what you’re advocating, then how does your column work to support the wretched few who have chosen to fight, to wage war on people who would enslave you, me, our gay friends, our families?

Those of us who choose combat (I’m one of them) in defense of America and her way of life wage a just war; rubble over trouble, if you will. We abide by the rules and we accept the burdens of combat (death, dismemberment, guilt). A just war is a necessary evil; it’s justice and mercy, in that order.

Kenton Krohlow

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