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Letter: The so-called National Popular Vote

Diane Alexander bemoans what she refers to as a “warped system” that “takes us backward” when it comes to electing a president. That “warped system,” Ms. Alexander, is the Constitution of the United States and the Electoral College which the Founders wisely established. Supporting the constitution does not take the country backward. Ms. Alexander asserts that “people have been complaining about this problem for years.”

Who are these people? Liberals disappointed that their presidential candidates lost an election. 

Rather than promote the so-called National Popular Vote, Ms. Alexander and her ilk should try to change the constitution in the manner prescribed by the document: by calling for a constitutional convention to amend the constitution, or persuading Congress to pass an amendment to the constitution. 

That is the solution to the “problem” about which Ms. Alexander complains, not an end-run around the constitution that would ignore the votes of Coloradans who don’t subscribe to liberal policies and presidential candidates.

Gerald Katz