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Letter: The tipping point

Having lived in Edwards since 1998 working as a landscape architect and planner, I read with interest two recent letters to the Vail Daily (Aug. 29 and Sept. 3) expressing grave concern about the overall negative effect on wildlife and the environment the explosive growth the Eagle River Valley has experienced over the past 25 years. That growth is projected to continue unabated well into the future, and I am of the opinion that we are very close to the tipping point. 

Being active in civic affairs and supportive of measures to protect the environment for over 50 years in Vermont and Colorado, I add my voice to the growing chorus of individuals who are concerned about the overall direction our society is heading as the evidence continues to mount (i.e. global warming) that we human beings have likely sowed the seeds of our own eventual demise.

Strong leadership not only here in the valley but nationally and globally based on the sound scientific evidence now at hand, and a sea change in the way we relate to the environment we all depend on for life itself, will be required if we are to reverse course before it is too late. 

Peter Bergh