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Letter: The virus is not in retreat

The headline on the front page of the Friday, 5 March Vail Daily was not factually correct. The pandemic is not “in retreat” as is claimed in the headline and that can clearly be seen if you look at the data. According to the New York Times, reflecting data up until Friday March 5: “In Eagle County, cases have stayed about the same over the past two weeks and are still very high” and “the test positivity rate in Eagle County (6%) is high, suggesting that cases may be undercounted” and “Eagle County is at a very high risk level.”

COVID-19 is extremely serious and is not yet “in retreat” as can be seen by the 44 new cases reported on your Friday, March 5 front page.

I would encourage the reporting in the Vail Daily to reflect the evidence that is out there, based on data and science, and be more careful with the headlines it uses. Yes, we all wish for things to return to normal, but this pandemic is not going to be wished away anytime soon unless we all take it seriously and work together, masked up, socially distanced, avoiding large gatherings and with plenty of hand washing.

Nicholas T Fickling


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