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Letter: The war against our Constitution

We now have an all-out war against our United States Constitution. The lies being repeated by the right wing radicals, that the Jan. 6 Trump Insurrection was simply a group of tourists visiting the Capitol building is an outright insult to common sense and intelligence. I watched it live on TV, and yet people are trying to tell me it was Antifa. I watched the horror of that day and the Capitol police being attacked and our beautiful Capitol building being desecrated.

So many Americans are choosing to believe the lies, which is giving strength to countries like China and Russia against our Constitution and democracy. They are choosing the insane behavior and lies of a reality TV star, rather than the sane and intelligent man in the White House at this time. President Joe Biden and his administration is trying to heal this country, after we’ve lost nearly 600,000 Americans to COVID-19, with sensible policies focused on vaccinations, infrastructure, gun reform and climate change initiatives.

I am an 80-year-old grandmother, scared to death of the future for my grandchildren if Donald Trump runs again in 2024 and wins. He has done nothing but weaken the U.S. the past four years when it comes to our standing in the world and with our allies. It is beyond my comprehension why people cannot see the destruction, with their conspiracy theories and giving voice to people like Marjorie Taylor Greene.

Linda Carr


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