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Letter: The will of the people will prevail in Red Cliff

Success! In this case, it appears to be a dismal failure. Against the will of almost every Red Cliff citizen, the exception being a handful of folks associated with local businesses (I hope their status is not diminished), the town council decided to approve a special use permit to allow Rocky Mountain Adventure Rentals to operate out of our downtown. Granted, it’s zoned commercial, but this business is completely inappropriate. Most shocking is the operation plan to stage snowmobiles (winter) and ATV/Razors (summer) in the yard behind the old Reno.

It might sound “out of the way.” But no, the neighboring backyards are a full story and a half above and will witness the entire operation daily. Clients gathering, machines fueling, warming up, leaving, and returning to be power washed, twice a day. The invasiveness does not disturb the board members as they reside quite a distance away. No one wants something like this in their yard. At the deciding meeting, there were women sobbing for mercy, stoically observed by a resolute council, their minds predetermined to pimp our town.

Even in these crazy times, it’s hard to imagine the complete lack of empathy, especially in a town of 270 where every name has a face. We are all concerned about the damage; property values will decline, as surely the quality of life will deteriorate.

The bizarre business concept of running snowmobiles on asphalt through the center of town is mind-boggling. For 119 days during the cold (but not always snowy) winter season, the machines will leave the Reno to grate and grind the quarter mile to the dirt on Shrine Pass Road. It may be not necessary to mention, but our municipal workers are consummate professionals and nary a snowflake remains long on any of our streets. There will be 12 inexperienced riders (can we assume most riders are inexperienced with asphaltmobiles?) going and coming. Don’t forget your hand signals but please don’t take your hands off the wheel; there are free range children in Red Cliff.

Rocky Mountain Adventure Rentals are all in with the concept that the resulting tax revenue will pave our town roads! As I understand, the carbon sleds are deleterious to most every surface but especially to black top. It looks like its going to be a break-even thing on tax/road repair. The additional benefits of increased noise, air pollution (dust and emission), traffic congestion (cars, trucks, pedestrians, children, and asphalt mobiles), not to mention negative impact on quality of life and adverse effect on property values, is just a bonus.

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More money and lawyers will provide we get a ballot issue for November to not allow these kinds of operations in our town. The existing rec vehicle rental business shuttering would be a byproduct of such an effort and another feather in the board’s cap. The will of the people shall prevail.

That any business would like to move into such a hostile environment is unfathomable. As I understand, one of the investors, and family, will be living on site to the delight of the ecstatic town folk. We are looking forward to a hale and hearty welcome to replace the next-door neighbors, our friends, who are anxiously hoping to sell their homes before the RMAR assault begins.

Jake Spears

Red Cliff

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