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Letter: There are better options than Booth Heights

I am writing to thank the reporter from the Vail Daily who spelled out all of the locations besides Booth Heights that are possible for housing. None of those locations mentioned require destroying beautiful open space and killing off our local sheep herd like Booth Heights will.  I am a millennial who lives in East Vail and works in the village and would not want to live in the prison-like setting of Booth Heights with its enclosed and extreme density for workers.    

I have to drive to work currently as the buses don’t help my work schedule even in peak hours and it is scary to ride my bike home at night. I don’t work for Vail Resorts now, but I have, and my friends and I find it sad that Vail Resorts says they want to be environmentally sensitive but instead act to destroy open space and kill off our wildlife for their own interest. 

K.C. Bartlett

East Vail