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Letter: There are enough restaurants in Vail, no need for food trucks

We have strong objections to the food truck concept for the town of Vail.

One of the great aspects of skiing at Vail is the close proximity of a real town, with a multitude of dining choices readily available within a short walking distance.

Vail Village and Lionshead both have more than adequate restaurant capacity to feed all comers. Despite limited inside seating capacity, most restaurants offer abundant outdoor seating (thank you, town of Vail) and online or call-in ordering for their selections, so food can be ready when the customer arrives. Given the reduced mountain capacity, there is plenty of service available from local restaurants already in place, conveniently, with choices available for off-premises consumption. Perhaps a better option would be to expand availability of existing restaurant’s “grab and go” options outdoors, both to offer a quick bite and an opportunity for visitors to explore other aspect of the town.

Local restaurants operate from a fixed base, from which they contribute to the town of Vail coffers with both property and sales taxes. Food trucks, many from out of area, will fuel a race to the bottom, presenting challenges of seating, trash disposal, health inspections and lost tax revenue. Local restaurants may feel compelled to compete with food trucks of their own, while operating existing fixed kitchens below capacity, although they are within easy walking reach of the ski crowd both during the day and in the evenings.

The town of Vail collectively has done a great job helping local businesses, and in return, we provide a large portion of the town’s budget. We’d like to continue to do so in mutual cooperation.

Please don’t hurt existing businesses.

Vidette and Mike Gehl, and the staff of the Big Bear Bistro

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