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Letter: There’s no debate — vote Biden

Since 2000 I’ve been in hundreds of debates for county commissioner, United States Senate, United States Congress, and Colorado Senate. I’ve watched untold numbers of debates. Not everyone’s going to like this but not participating in democracy beyond voting puts America in last week’s example of terror.

I don’t think saying the presidential debate was “unbearable to watch” “awful” etc. are appropriate responses if you haven’t been in a lot of political environments.

I feel like I’ve beaten this to death. We are an empire in decline in late-stage capitalism and climate change. Third parties are dead and ineffective. The Green Party in Colorado had 14,000 registered voters four years ago. Now there are 7,000. Play the inside game versus the outside game.

There are U.S. Senate races, congressional, state, and local. It takes time to manage democracy just like it does to raise a healthy family.

It’s not about just you, your vote. It’s about what kind of society you want to live in and whether one will participate, contribute, and share in the messiness of democracy or be ruled by authoritarians like Donald Trump.

Trump did America a favor. He showed everyone what he’s willing to do. There’s a possibility there won’t be a peaceful transfer of power. That’s a disaster.

Saying you thought it was stupid is emotional, which I understand, but the need now is for clinical dispassionate action.

The debate was horrible, and Trump wanted you to be cynical and despondent, so you won’t get into action.

Get involved in a campaign in the next month. It means you believe in the social contract.

Arn Menconi

Former Eagle County Commissioner

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