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Letter: They don’t seem to care

There are several reasons to be concerned about the proposed Booth Heights development, including loss of the sheep herd, loss of forest land, increased urban drainage into Gore Creek, and creation of new geological hazards.  However, the one that disturbs me the most is the negative visual impact to the neighborhood and to Vail’s “brand” name. 

The town and the resort built their name on our beautiful valley. The imposition of large dormitory buildings on a very visible steep mountainside at the head of the Vail Valley is contradictive of the imagery which Vail Resorts and the town so boldly portray in their marketing. In addition, the mass and scale of the proposed Booth Heights project does not blend in with its neighbors. 

The Vail Mountain School, which is also at the head of the Vail Valley, created a design that blends with the valley and the neighborhood and addressed its employee (teacher) housing with two-story buildings.  The motel-like Booth Heights will forever tower over the valley’s head, will ruin the character of the neighborhood, and permanently damage the image of the Vail Valley, and all this for only 30 deed-restricted apartments and 19 deed-restricted for-sale townhomes. Why?

It’s like Vail Resorts and the town of Vail just don’t care about the very thing from which their names are taken, or about their neighbors.

Wes Horner

East Vail

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