Letter: Think when you cast your primary votes

This beautiful late spring morning, I am looking out on the million of oriental elm tree seeds on the ground and thinking of the urge of everything in nature to hang on, to perpetuate, to survive. I am in the middle of a mild case of COVID-19 and mentally thank all the scientists who made my four shots possible. At 90, I wake up every morning thankful for my very atheist good luck.

And then, I turn my thoughts to my two great grandsons and the school shootings and wonder how my grandchildren can stand to send them off to school each day.

I think of my daughter on a small ranch in southern Colorado who has had, on her gauge, not more than one quarter of an inch of rain this year, and wonder about all the people who think money from the oil, gas and coal companies is worth an Earth dying of drought and floods, and the following starvation from the death of crops. Is even a smidgen of the U.S. aware of what is happening around the world?

Please, think when you vote in the primary this month, not for the smoothest talk, not for the friendliest smile, not for who is going to put a few more dollars in your pocket (maybe), but who is going to work to cut back on our terrible Earth-killing policies.

So, now, I’m going out to sweep up the elm seeds, plant the rest of my seedlings, fill the bird (and deer) water, and once again think of my lucky life — and hope for the future.

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Kay Delanoy


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