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Letter: Thoughts and prayers won’t save lives

I don’t get it.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is calling for an immediate recall of 67 million ARC airbag inflators, used by at least 12 vehicle manufacturers, due to a dangerous defect.

NHTSA cited at least nine incidents of airbags manufactured by Knoxville-based ARC Automotive rupturing, leading to significant injuries or even death beginning in 2009. Seven of the nine incidents, including one death, occurred in the United States

Veronica Morales, NHTSA spokesperson, said in a statement. “While incidents are rare, the incidents that have occurred have been severe, prompting the agency to issue a recall request. NHTSA is taking this action under its authorities to investigate potential defects and oversee recalls as required by the Vehicle Safety Act.”

Nine incidents of injury and one death in 25 years. Thank God the government is stepping up and is going to require a recall of 67,000,000 airbag inflators. It may well put ARC Automotive out of business.

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Wait a minute. Forty-three thousand die from gun violence every year, 110 per day. How many since 2009?

What is our government doing about that? They offer thoughts and prayers. 

I don’t get it!

Rick Spitzer

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