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Letter: Thoughts on a public option

I have recently read Geoff Grimmer’s Valley Voices column with interest, and I have experience with public options. My experience is two-fold. As a physician, I provide care to patients that are insured by a public option, either Medicare or Medicare. Because I am over 65, I am personally insured by a public option, Medicare. My experience has been positive in both instances.

When caring for my patients, they received the same care as anyone else in my office or in the hospitals where they were admitted. The government’s processing of claims submitted and paid was very efficient. Also, the cost incurred by the government to process those claims is a fraction of that by private insurers (there were no high executive salaries or shareholders to pay).

As a holder of a Medicare policy, I can assure you that the premiums are significantly less expensive and the coverage is superior to the insurance I purchased previously. Medicare is widely accepted. This increases the accessibility of care, an important issue in Eagle County where private options are limited and expensive.

An important thing for everyone to remember is just because there is a public option does not preclude you from purchasing private insurance if you so chose.

A public option has been shown to be efficient, cost effective and a means to increase accessibility to health care.

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Dr. Stephen Gordon


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