Letter: Thoughts on Uvalde school shooting

Susan Brooks Thistlethwaite weighed in on the subject of the Uvalde, Texas, school shooting. As for increasing school security, Susan said: “Arming teachers is ridiculous and should not even be considered.” She did not elaborate.

I question this summary rejection of what sounds like a commonsense measure. Teachers and other school personnel are already on the site, familiar with the people and the premises and motivated by devotion to the kids.

Colorado has a law allowing for this, if the school board approves. Some already have. Training is required. There is a firm named Faster Colorado that offers such training. For more details, search online for Faster Colorado’s website. I found the 9 News interview with Faster Colorado’s Laura Carno especially informative.

Perhaps signs on the outer doors advising that there are armed personnel at these premises would deter a shooter.

Terry Quinn

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