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Letter: Thoughts on yet another shooting

I sat down to write a letter in support of a train for passengers, produce, etc. (no oil) across Tennessee Pass. However, I was just made aware of yet another shooting, this time in a grocery store in Boulder where my son shopped for years.

When is this county going to stop its love affair with guns and do some serious restricting? This last election, western Colorado rejected an intelligent, experienced candidate for U.S. Representative and chose an inexperienced grandstander whose only claim to fame is that she pushes the gun culture.

Ranchers need a rifle, so do hunters, and I suppose skeet shooting is fun. There are circumstances where homeowners are justified in keeping a revolver. (Although, every year, 1,663 children and teens die from gun violence and many more are seriously injured according to statistics from the Brady Plan, which tracks gun violence in the United States and works to address all forms of gun violence.)

But why all the other guns, thousands of them, with no purpose at all except to kill other humans a million times over?

Of course, there are a lot of paranoid people out there who really think the government is out to get them, even while they and their families accept government economy-boosting checks and Social Security and even Medicaid. So, are their guns going to make their lives any easier than the government money?

Why can’t we as a state, and as a country, do more to restrict guns? I’m beginning to get paranoid about going shopping anywhere. I’ve had my shots, but maybe I’ll just stay holed up.

Katherine Delanoy


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