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Letter: Three questions all part-time Vail residents should be asking

As a part-time resident settling back into Vail, I’m confirming what I feared. Our community has a long road to recovery. While all communities are hurting right now, Vail has especially been hit hard. I’ve decided to direct 90% of my philanthropy to the Vail Valley in 2020.

According to the Eagle Valley Community Foundation: 

  • Vail Valley unemployment has surged from 2% in January to over 20%.
  • The number of residents dealing with food insecurity has climbed from an estimated 8,000 to 15,000 of our 50,000 local residents.

Especially given recent events, I am aware of my privilege. In the time my family has owned a second home in Vail, our privilege has increased tenfold. This is in part because of the resources this valley affords us. We sold our first Vail condo for three times what we paid for it. I run a venture capital fund that I raised mostly from the investors I sourced from my Vail connections.   

We’ve skied millions of vertical feet on an impeccably maintained mountain. We retire from epic outdoor adventures to our professionally-managed, spotless home with fresh flowers on the table and a refrigerator fully-stocked with delivered groceries. This lifestyle is made possible by an army of workers who live paycheck to paycheck. They need our help this year.

It’s my turn to give back. I hope you’ll join me. While you enjoy this holiday week in one of the most beautiful places on earth, I hope you will ask yourself three questions:

  1. What privilege has the Vail Valley afforded me?
  2. What kind of a valley do I want to return to after this crisis?
  3. What can I do to do my part?

For a list of nonprofits providing COVID-19 relief and ensuring the future of our valley, visit https://eaglecogives.org/participating-non-profits/.

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Elizabeth Kraus


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