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Letter: Time for new leadership in EagleVail

There are three EagleVail Property Owners Association board seats currently open. I am writing to you seeking your votes for John Copeland, John Donovan and me. Our community is blessed with an excellent slate of qualified candidates but I truly believe John, John and I are best qualified to serve our community going forward.

For instance, here are several issues we feel could and should be better addressed by the POA board:

The current board has sought little or no community input. In fact, they made a decision to reduce community input time from three minutes to two and start monthly meetings at 4 in the afternoon. Really? There is only one reason for a POA board to exist and that is to serve its constituents. How is that possible without input from the folks and a start time (say 6 p.m.) which would be far more convenient to working members of our community?

POA boards have three responsibilities: a) Design Review, b) Compliance and c) Community Events. It has been years since we’ve had a community event. The last one was when I was on the board and chaired the Events Committee. In fact, current board members have stated they have two responsibilities. Wrong.

The current board has refused to tackle knotty and troubling issues like short-term rentals. Wrong. If the POA board is going to properly serve the community, it needs to step up and address all legitimate issues.

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Please vote for John, John and me and we promise to get the needs of the community served as they should be.

Thank you in advance for your support.

Mike Kieler

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