Letter: Time for restrictions on Shrine Pass Road?

An alert to Red Cliff residents and those who recreate on Shrine Pass: There will be a public hearing at the Red Cliff Town Hall on June 4 at 6 p.m. when Rocky Mountain Adventure Rentals will be requesting a special review use permit. If you want to protect your quality of life, your property values, and/or Shrine Pass Road, please attend this meeting and express your concerns.

It’s déjà vu all over again. Yes, there’s another summer/winter, unguided, off-road, motorized vehicle rental company wishing to do business in our little town. RMAR wishes to come in and do unguided off-road motorized vehicle rentals. They plan to operate out of the old Reno and the old Post Office (aka the Green Building), which is zoned mixed use, but with homes in their backyard.

We already have one company of this type, Colorado Backcountry Rentals. Many think that two such companies would be too much for our high density, little town, tucked in a canyon. Years ago Sage Adventures wanted to do the same type of business, but after several meetings, they realized they would not be welcomed by town residents. We were very relieved that they withdrew their application. At that time CBR was already operating, and the town overwhelmingly did not want another of these polluting (noise, air, water, etc.), traffic-producing companies in town. Sounds carry in our canyon. One machine is one machine, but a fleet all running at the same time in a small space is altogether a different animal. 

Shrine Pass Road cannot sustain more traffic. It simply isn’t safe. Many Red Cliff residents don’t go up Shrine Pass Road anymore as it’s too crowded and dangerous. This overcrowding needs to be addressed soon. The town of Red Cliff should not allow this permit, adding more traffic in town and on Shrine Pass Road.

Some members of the Red Cliff Town Council have publicly voiced confusion as to how to decide on this special use permit. They don’t know if they should vote with the wishes of their constituents, or “do what’s best for the town.” For them to vote to “do what’s best for the town” is their opinion. This is a parental position, treating the residents like children who obviously don’t know what’s best. I don’t understand the board not being allowed to discuss issues with constituents. How are they to know what people want? Maybe the Red Cliff board (and Vail Town Council) wishes to be like the Avon Town Council and its barn issue?

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It’s depressing and difficult to witness the disregard and destruction of the assets that surround us … case in point, the East Vail Employee housing project. It’s all about money. 

“Call a place paradise and kiss it goodbye.”

Barb Bomier

Red Cliff

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